Bringing ideas to life, transforming brands and helping businesses grow.

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We partner with our clients to produce the most creative and strategically sound work.

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Identity YPO
Print YPO
Video St. Thomas
Video Churrascos
Print Philippe
Packaging Cordúa
Print St. Thomas
Print St. Thomas
Print St. Thomas
Print St. Thomas
Packaging Richard's
Packaging Richard's
Packaging Churrascos
Print Richard's
Web Blue Ribbon
Web St. Thomas
Web Fun With Haiku
Identity Richard's
Identity Richard's
Identity Eagle Scouts
Identity Churrascos
Identity CORDA
Video St. Thomas
Video Richard's
Video Eagle Scouts
Video Eagle Scouts
Video Eagle Scouts
Identity Java Rocks
Video Eagle Scouts
Identity Fruit Wich
Video Eagle Scouts
Identity EQD
Video Richard's
Identity The Bunker
Video Richard's
Identity Texas Mooring
Video Richard's
Identity DISCO
Video Richard's
Identity Paragon Offshore
Video Rockwell
Identity Art Now Houston
Identity Push Legal
Identity Luscinia Health
Web St. Thomas
Merchandise Opa’s Wheelhaus
Web The Bunker
Web Churrascos
Merchandise IPR
Stationery Cordúa
Packaging Richard’s
Stationery CORDA
Menu Churrascos
Outdoor Churrascos
Environmental Noble Training Center
Video UHD
Print Richard’s
Print Push Legal
Packaging Fruit Wich
Web Richard’s
Identity Biehl
Integrated Campaign CORDA
Web Amazón Grill
Environmental Southside District
Web Spradley
Web Noble
Environmental Deluxe Kitchen
Environmental Green Life
Web Artista
Integrated Campaign Opa's Wheelhaus
Web Cordúa
Environmental Java Rocks
Web Cordúa Catering
Identity CORDA
Identity Noble Training Center
Web Américas
Identity Opa’s Wheelhaus


We pride ourselves in brand development that captures the heart and soul of an organization and communicate it effectively to the desired audiences.

  • Define

    Strategically define what a brand needs to say, be and stand for.
  • Develop

    Bring the strategy to life. Connect with the consumer through naming, visual identity, logo and messaging development.
  • Design

    Create emotionally engaging and unique designs that capture the heart and soul of a consumer.

KH Studio is a branding and strategic design firm.

Located in Houston’s Art District.

Our Team

We encompass the whole spirit and life of an organization, whenever we work on a project.

Karl Heim President & Creative Director
Katelyn English Associate Creative Director
Jessie Edwards Designer

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